State of Media (Cision)

State of Media 2017


Cision’s annual survey of more than 1,550 North American journalists and influencers reveals that while most consumer trust reports indicate that people have more faith in earned media than paid and owned, journalists perceive they are now struggling to maintain the public’s trust. Despite being the most trusted medium, confidence in the media eroded due to the presidential election and other factors. 2016 was a monumental year for news and the journalists and influencers who covered it.

The results of this year’s survey indicate that journalists, publishers and brand communicators need to continue to provide relevant, authoritative, accurate content to the public in order to preserve and rebuild consumer trust.

Accurate public statements, press releases, brand images, videos and data enable journalists and influencers to tell better stories, deriving facts from trusted and vetted sources. When communicators pair compelling messages and format with pitching best practices and prior knowledge of a writer’s work, they can drive better and more accurate coverage and increase earned media opportunities.

Over the past six years, Cision has also tracked the trends of digital-first media and the rise of social media as a journalistic resource. Findings show that Facebook still dominates as the most valuable channel for audience engagement, while video use on social platforms as a whole is still nascent and potentially under-utilized.

Another 2017 trend shows the market moving away from sponsored content and native advertising and towards mobile compatibility, video and image-based content, social media as a journalistic resource and influencer marketing.

Media challenges show that a combination of lack of resources and the fast pace of new media is pushing some writers and publishers out of the industry. Journalists are being asked to do more and with less resources, often being forced to make cuts in fact gathering and investigative journalism. The disruption of media business impacts journalists’ productivity and performance, making the relationships between brands, trusted newswires, journalists and influencers even more vital than ever.

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