Web Trends (Mary Meeker)

This year’s authoritative in-depth presentation on media and web trends by Mary Meeker, of Kleiner Perkins has been summarised by Forbes (www.forbes.com) as follows:

  •  Facebook and Google looking good: While internet advertising continues to grow — and projected to exceed television ads in spend by the end of 2016—much of the growth is concentrated with Google and Facebook. Google’s ad revenue grew 20% in 2016 and Facebook 62%. For everyone else, the growth was “just” 9%.
  • Voice accuracy matures: With voice recognition software and devices such as the Amazon Echo increasingly a focus for both consumers and tech companies, Meeker’s report found that Amazon’s rival Google, which offers a competitor to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and its own device called Home, has reached human-level accuracy for word recognition, 95%, in 2017.
  • The rise of gaming: Meeker notes that there are 2.6bn gamers today compared to just 100m in 1995. Revenue remains concentrated in Asia, where $47bn of the global $100bn market was made in 2016. The report calls video gaming the “most engaging form of social media,” and with major implications for businesses and sports.
  • Cloud wars: In the cloud race, Amazon Web Services continues to lead, but Google and Microsoft Azure are gaining some ground. That diversification of the market comes as customers are increasingly prioritizing avoiding dependence on any one player and enterprise software companies move towards user experiences that are “friendlier” and more inspired by their consumer counterparts.

Mary Meeker’s full presentation deck: