Royal National Children’s Foundation

A highly-effective UK charity

The Royal National Children’s Foundation (UK charity no. 310916) helps to support vulnerable young people at state and independent boarding schools across the UK. These are young people with one or no active parents whose normal development has been prejudiced by seriously adverse home or family circumstances. Research shows that these disadvantaged, vulnerable young people seize the opportunity of a ‘new life’ of  boarding school and tend to outperform their peers across a range of social, relationship and academic criteria. This ‘Assisted Boarding’ is life-changing charitable work.

Long-term support helps transform young lives

Royal National Children’s Foundation (which incorporates the Royal Wanstead Children’s Foundation and the Joint Educational Trust) has helped transform the lives of more than 3,000 vulnerable  young people during the past 40 years. Currently, it is supporting more than 350 young people at some 150 boarding schools throughout the UK. This is long-term charitable support since most of these young people will be funded by the RNCF for the duration of their secondary schooling. But there are many hundreds more young people whom the charity currently cannot help, even though the boarding school places are available for them.

The Assisted Boarding Network

RNCF has launched a major initiative to help local authorities apply the lessons of Assisted Boarding for young people who are at risk of eventually needing to be taken into their care. Some 60% of all local authority children’s and young people’s services departments have joined the Assisted Boarding Network. The charity is now campaigning to increase the number of boarding schools offering bursaries for vulnerable young people. It is hoping to increase the number of Assisted Boarders by some 40% during the next five years. To achieve this, RNCF needs to attract increased funding from donations, legacies and grants.

Donations are leveraged x 7 for vulnerable children

This is a highly effective charity whose low operating costs are wholly met by its endowment. Thus, every single pound donated to the Royal National Children’s Foundation  goes 100% to paying school fees for these vulnerable young people. Moreover, the RNCF works with other charities and the schools themselves to leverage donations seven times. Thus, a £1,000 donation is leveraged x 7  in order to pay for a whole year at a leading independent boarding school.

The RNCF estimates there are up to 2,000 places at boarding schools which could be available for ‘Assisted Boarding’ if funds are available to meet the fees. The charity hopes to increase to 500 the number of vulnerable young people it is able to support at any one time  – within three years. Can you help meet this target?

If you are interested in supporting the Royal National Children’s Foundation and hundreds of vulnerable young people throughout the UK, please see the web site: or phone: 01932 868 622.

Royal National Children’s Foundation
Incorporating the Royal Wanstead Children’s Foundation and the Joint Educational Trust
Charity 310916
Founded 1827
Patron:                HRH The Princess Royal
Chairman:           Colin Morrison
Chief Executive: Geoffrey Dennis
Sandy Lane, Cobham, Surrey KT11 2ES.
Tel: 01932-868622.
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