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  1. Andrew Brown

    Nov 28. 2016

    Excellent piece as ever. It reminds one of the days of EMI and Napster/iTunes… a car crash in slow motion. The following quote in today’s FT regarding the furore over Prince Harry’s rebuff to the papers from the Sun’s royal photographer shows the ostrich mentality that still pervades what is left of Fleet Street: “Kensington Palace thinks they can control it all themselves. They want to ignore newspapers — but the newspapers aren’t going anywhere. We’ll still be here when Twitter’s finished.”

    It appears he has forgotten the fate of the News of the World, and has not spoken recently to his colleagues at the i, the Mirror, nor indeed glanced at the circulation figures of his esteemed employer organ. On the contrary, the newspapers are indeed going somewhere, and it’s not a great destination.

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  2. André Romijn

    Nov 29. 2016

    Another good analysis by Colin. As The Information targets professionals working in technology and related industries, they can offer them information they need to know. That differs with the general newspapers. As a B2B publisher for veterinarians we, ceased printing 4 years ago took the digital route – without advertisers. It is a brave move, but it is starting to pays off now with subscribers paying 495 euro’s for an annual subscription. Like The Information, you can be succesful if you have a professional audience and serve them with original editorial content – content they need to know to perform better! Not sure newpapers can do the same…..

    André Romijn, Publisher – VetVisuals.com

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