2 thoughts on “Kevin Hand: a UK leader in the heyday of magazines

  1. Gavin Howe

    Apr 13. 2016

    Colin, thanks a lot for this piece on Kevin’s impressive career. I worked with Kevin at
    Link House, and in 1980, I replaced him as Marketing Manager when he was promoted to run the news trade sales force. He had come to marketing from production and I was Editor of Yacht & Boat Owner. He always had great drive and passion and didn’t care too much for history. He was an inspiring boss and very passionate about all he did. He was also a great supporter of young talent and I was a beneficiary of that…

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  2. sandy wilson

    Oct 18. 2016

    I knew Kevin before going to NZ – lost contact and just tried to contact him this week….and read this. It is so sad as I had the opportunity to speak and meet up 2 years ago, but had little time. This makes me so sad as one assumes people are getting on with busy lives and routines. Nothing is worse than the regret of not being able to turn back time and at least say ‘Hi’. Very sad for his family and close friends – he had many.

    A lesson in this for those who may make the same errors as I did – get in touch, stay in touch and don’t let friends become memories. RIP Kevin, although you will never read this, nor know about the regret of not knowing about this sooner.

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