5 thoughts on “What’s next for Haymarket Media?

  1. Anonymous

    Jul 27. 2015

    Really fascinating story. And very well told. Can’t wait for the full book on UK magazines.
    Kindle at £3.99. A bargain. And a best seller to be.

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  2. Paul @ SocialMedia

    Jul 27. 2015

    Thanks Colin, another timely and well-researched piece from you about one of UK media’s iconic brands. Monetizing the move to digital is fascinating to watch, I suspect their CTO will be critical in how well they position themselves to take advantage of all that audience data and turn Haymarket into a true digital comms business whatever channels they decide upon. Haven’t they been developing their CRM/business network for automotive already?

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  3. Teddington Ted

    Jul 31. 2015

    Interesting stuff but from inside Teddington things don’t look nearly as rosy. The customer publishing side has withered and died in recent years largely on the back of the excessive profits made from it in the bad old days when it was treated as a cash cow. Now it tries to compete against smaller and leaner rivals who are far better at customer relationships; we lost all the army stuff last year.

    Circulations on the consumer magazines are in serious trouble and many of them still look relatively over staffed compared to rivals. There has been an exodus of senior staff in recent years, the long-serving Design Director the latest departure, but that has created a feeling for most of us that there is a real leadership vacuum. And yes, of course we know that the new offices will be too small, hence talk of hot desking and working from home and all the rest of it.

    The betting here is that a tranche of magazines are going to be sold. Pistonheads was bought almost by accident, for a long time the £1m paid for it looked like a ridiculous amount, but now the classifieds seem to be bringing in more profit than anything else. So why bother keeping titles like Autocar and Autosport and Motorsport News that are struggling to justify print distribution costs? Take them digital only or sell them (or license them) to somebody who can do them for less money and with more flexibility.

    Autocar’s YouTube traffic looks impressive, but it hasn’t even covered the raw production costs of the videos concerned and most of the team behind it was let go earlier this year. Now its all about low cost wins.

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  4. Roger Green

    Sep 15. 2015

    Hi Colin – a very comprehensive piece but (writing as a mid 1970s Computing veteran) I do think you should have given credit by name to design director Roland Schenk. Not just for the strong house style but for the way that his design team were given the clout to dictate to editors what the pages should look like to show off to best advantage the quality photography. Also, Robert Heller, the original editor of Management Today played a key part in training the company’s journalists two write in a clear, jargon-free way whether about computers, accountancy or advertising. Finally, for some additional colour you could have used a phrase like: “From its Soho headquarters, a listed former Georgian brothel at 76 Dean Street that overlooks Karl Marx’ London flat…”

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  5. lukem9583

    May 03. 2017

    Great read.

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