One thought on “Can newspapers manage the future of news?

  1. Ted Ditchburn

    Mar 08. 2015

    I agree almost all of the above… and in respect of my own business have tried to identify a way through the issues which were first starting to become clear back in 2002/4.

    In respect of *the papers* I think your analysis is spot on..another way of saying I agree with it in virtually every respect.

    The only place I part company is in the area of *link to it*…at present *link to it*, which is in effect use it, is both a subservient approach, and a very domineering one.

    At the end of the day *link to it* works at present because content creators are often grossly exploited in terms of fees that can be charged for content, because of the *link to it* issue.

    The problem affects newspapers as well as agencies like mine.

    How exclusive is an exclusive when it can linked to in an instant? Or how can an agency like mine create the money to pay for the salaries of trained people if everything we do is linked to, rather than bought?

    I suppose the argument could be that if agencies are to be the casualties of the new era because the new realities of the disintermediated world demand it..then so be it.

    But while much of news coverage seems to be just a question of tracking down a link to some stunning footage of a plane hitting a taxi on it’s way to the river bed, or a weirdly coloured dress, Madonna falling down stairs, and so forth…. there are also courts that need to be covered by people who know what they are doing, or fraudsters posting things on the net to be exposed, as well as linked to… and so on.

    This isn’t entirely a post of special pleading in that from a business dependent on newspapers (including broadcasters) for over 90% of revenue we’ve got to a position where it is around 50% and falling… but it would be sad to think that one day it will have to inevitably fall to zero.

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