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  1. Joshua Gold

    Dec 14. 2014

    Colin: Thank you for this article. It was very insightful.

    I think Emily Bell at the Guardian said it right in her March 12, 2014 article “Journalism startups aren’t a revolution if they’re filled with all these white men,” (http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/mar/12/journalism-startups-diversity-ezra-klein-nate-silver) where I read her to call for a media revolution that is more than the repackaging of the status quo “with a very nice clubhouse attached.”

    Hence, it is possibly a good sequel to your article would be a look at some of the smaller, yet statistically and numerically significant media networks that have relied on scrappiness and content authenticity to build their audiences alongside the giants who are looking to dominate digital before it has a chance to know what happened.

    While in awe of what the creators and innovators profiled in your article are doing, there remains some uneasiness around these Silicon Valley / Big Media & Big Money backed names. How much revenue and scale is created by powerful Board alliances and interests, how many incestuous deals with directly and indirectly related entities are fueling the fire?). Are these just wolves in sheep’s clothing? Perhaps a discussion for another day.

    My point really is that this democratization of access to creation and consumption of news as celebrated by the vignettes in your article, has also empowered other groups that previously have not had a voice at scale. But no one is talking about it.

    Make no mistake about it, Media giants are being built in Western nations alongside legacy players to serve massive consumer demand that remains underserved by the innovators we all know about.

    Jamarlin Martin, CEO of Moguldom Media Group, is one of these pioneers (full disclosure, I am a Moguldom employee), recently profiled by Carlos Watson’s startup OZY Media in its April 28, 2014 article: “Jamarlin Martin, Digital Media’s Hot New Emperor” (http://www.ozy.com/rising-stars-and-provocateurs/jamarlin-martin-digital-medias-hot-new-emperor/30876). Both Carlos and Jamarlin are among the innovators in the US [and I am sure there are examples in the UK as well] who are also speaking to large audiences and changing the landscape of journalism and content.

    Would enjoy chatting on this further.

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  2. shijith

    Apr 10. 2016

    hey so you you’ve got a picture of brian williams next to the nick denton profile

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