11 thoughts on “How a radio ship and 7 men shook up Britain in 1964

  1. Ferdinand Edwards

    Mar 19. 2014

    Always perplexed me why an apparent libertarian Tony Benn ( RIP) was so fanatically against this young counterblasting radical champion of the airwaves – surely not just because it was, as you say, ‘swashbuckling capitalism’ but in a sonic form? And this from the man who so vigorously championed the ultimate capitalist symbol, Concorde, complete with sonic boom……

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  2. Steve

    May 13. 2015

    Good information and glad to see the old days are still being remembered, any chance of a mention http://www.radiokaleidoscope.com (source of one of your pictures) …

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  3. Ben

    Aug 11. 2015

    Supplement ‘Ross Revenge’ required.

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  4. Ray Churcher

    Sep 03. 2015

    Just read CMs artical on Pirate radio…..great reading as i remember this time too well whilst living
    in Clacton…still listen to Caroline on the net from Canada. Thank you Colin for the times we shared in the 60s

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  5. Paul teughels

    Nov 03. 2015

    Fantastic.I seldom cry,but i did when radio london closed down.

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  6. Nick maskell

    May 24. 2016

    As a life long supporter of offshore “pirate ” Radio I found this article very interesting how about a follow up telling the ongoing story of watery wireless as we journey through the 70s 80s and 90s with Caroline mi amigo 390 RNI seagull the Ross Revenge laser etc

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  7. Nichael

    Mar 18. 2017

    It was a great time and I listened to all the pirates, good health to all of you and thank you for the memorises. Big L time is 3-o-clock and radio London is closing down, gee in 2017 I remember Aug 14 1967.

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  8. Michael

    Mar 18. 2017

    Who bought the ship for 14 million pounds???

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  9. james anderson

    Feb 22. 2018

    a very interesting article,i was home in greenore for easter march1964 and was looking over the ship, and the large radio mast,with no knowledge of what history might be made in coming years.

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